GLICO HealthPlan

The GLICO HealthPlan is a comprehensive health insurance scheme that provides cover for out-patient and in-patient care through a network of affiliated service providers. The scheme provides a choice of sustainable and flexible benefits packages with a full range of options, as well as a choice of Doctors, Clinics, Laboratories, and Pharmacies within the affiliate Provider Network. The HealthPlan has five (5) categories of products namely, GLICO Corporate HealthPlan, GLICO Family & Individual HealthPlan, GLICO Tourist HealthPlan, GLICO Sunkwa HealthPlan, and GLICO Students HealthPlan.

The GLICO Corporate Health Plan

The GLICO Corporate Health Plan has six (6) packages; i. Standard Package: This package offers cover at a relatively low premium and provides both in-patient and out-patient care. Covered services include General Practitioner and Specialist Consultation, Prescription Drugs, Laboratory Tests, X-rays, Dental Care, Eye Care, Optical, Surgical Medical Treatment, as well as In-hospital Treatment.  ii. […]

GLICO Family & Individual Health Plan

The Family and Individual package offer a unique experience and utmost satisfaction to our clients who enroll on the policy. The carefully designed enriched package ensures absolute comfort and peace of mind to clients due to the comprehensive nature of benefits (out-patient and in-patient) renewable every year.

GLICO Tourist Health Plan

When planning a holiday or a tour trip, nobody wants to think about what might go wrong-but sometimes things can go horribly wrong even when you are on holiday. Injuries and accidents can occur when you least expect them. The Tourist health insurance plan offers both out-patient and in-patient care cover for tourists and visitors […]

GLICO Students' Health Plan

Our commitment to students and our experience-based understanding of health insurance plans has allowed us to develop and package innovative and tightly integrated student health insurance solutions. The Student Health Insurance Plan provides the comprehensive insurance cover every student needs to stay healthy throughout their educational course. It is open to all students (national and […]

GLICO Sunkwa Health Plan

The need for most Ghanaians living abroad to cater for the health requirements of their parents, relatives, and dependants is a challenging experience. It has become necessary for individuals to constantly send money home to ensure that their dear relatives receive the best healthcare services.  The GLICO Sunkwa Health Plan is a special package designed […]

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