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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible citizen, GLICO HEALTHCARE recognizes that its activities (operations, products, services) have a wider impact on, and contribute to the society in which it operates. It therefore takes appropriate actions that are over and above compliance with minimum legal requirements to give back, whenever it can, to support the very people who have made GLICO HEALTHCARE what it is today. At GLICO, our Corporate Social Responsibility and that of our sister GLICO subsidiaries is carried out by the Group Corporate Affairs & Marketing Department (GCA&MD).

As a limited liability company however, our key focus is in healthcare related areas that promote better lifestyles, innovations in health delivery and contribute to health education and awareness. We have collaborated with key institutions, universities and like-minded organizations to promote healthy living and health awareness through videos, seminars, research and health education and we are committed to continue in such vein until we attain a healthy-wealthy Ghana and live truly to our promise of “we cushion you for life!”. For all enquires and collaboration requests, kindly contact our Corporate Affairs & Marketing department on cad@glicogroup.com

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