Claims Procedure

Prompt claim payment is our hallmark and we are committed to ensuring that we maintain a high standard of claim payment at all times.

Claims Reimbursement for Individual

At GLICO Healthcare, all out-of-pocket payments are reimbursed promptly (maximum of 5 working days) upon submission of the necessary supporting documentation.

Processing  of claims for Providers

We have a strong Service Provider Relations Team that is readily available to assist in the claims process.

When we receive claims from Hospitals, Clinics, Optical & dental Centres, Diagnostic Centers, and Laboratories for payment, we quickly undergo the following process before final payment is made:


Receiving & Recording Of Claim


Pre-Vetting Of Claims


Final Vetting Of Claims


Data Entry


Final Approval Of Claim


Claims Payment

To make a claim, please call, 030 274 6500 or 0302 255 742
You may also send us an email via / claims  

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