At GLICO Healthcare, we are committed to ensuring that every member of staff feels part of our team. We focus our activities on bringing our staff closer with a greater sense of direction.

Operations are organized in workgroups and each individual brings their own personality and experience to bear on the team. Together, our level of commitment affects one another, which defines GLICO Healthcare’s success.


GLICO Healthcare, as a good corporate citizen, remains socially responsible and accountable in all aspects of its operations. The Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy is, therefore, a guiding principle imbued in its employees and other stakeholders and reflects in all facets of its activities.

Our CSR focuses on defined areas where our initiatives would have a wide range of benefits to a large number of people within the communities we operate and beyond. For the past several years, GLICO Healthcare has initiated and accomplished socially responsive activities and projects, in the areas of sports, education and healthcare, social welfare, and community development that were aligned with its core CSR focus areas and have immensely benefited a number of people.

The Company seeks to continue pursuing its CSR goals with verve in line with the guiding principles.


Over the years, GLICO Healthcare has built and relied on a team of experts internally and externally comprising highly experienced professionals in the field of Insurance, Finance, Marketing, Hospital Administration, Actuary, and Customer Services, among others. Our team of experts is constantly listening to clients and developing innovative business solutions that meet the dynamic needs of our cherished customers.

We believe that a business evolves and becomes relevant only through innovation and adapting to the dynamic needs of its customers. We are committed to innovation and our stakeholders can rest assured that we are with them every step of the way and would always meet their expectations.

GLICO Healthcare will always be your Healthcare provider of choice and that is our commitment to you.


GLICO HEALTHCARE is guided in its operations by best industry principles and practices to ensure that it provides quality healthcare to its enrolled members. Our core values are;


“To be the leading player in the private health insurance industry offering the Ghanaian public affordable and quality healthcare through a network of reputable service providers nationwide.”


“To be a world class private health insurer and the brand of choice”