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Quality Assurance Standards
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GLICO HEALTHCARE is guided by the best industry principles and practices to ensure that it provides quality health care to its enrolled members. Our Quality Assurance Standards ensure that all our network of service providers adhere to professional operational standards in the areas of:

  • Reduced waiting time at clinics;
  • Strict adherence to opening hours;
  • Excellent sanitation conditions;
  • Good and working facilities;
  • Emergency treatments;
  • Referrals procedures and attitude of hospital staff members.

It is a policy of GLICO HEALTHCARE to organize health education talks to organized enrollees once a quarter. Also, to ensure that members of the provider network are kept abreast with the latest developments in the medical profession, they are required to attend at least half of all continuing medical education meetings/seminars and updates that are organized quarterly by GLICO HEALTHCARE within the year. This is a must to qualify for re-accreditation.

To ensure total compliance with the Quality Assurance Standards, a Quality Assurance Review Board has been constituted to perform the following functions:

  • Oversee the accreditation of Providers;
  • Ensure that quality assurance requirements are adhered to;
  • Advise on necessary cost containment interventions; and
  • Adjudicate in all matters of conflict between providers, clients and GLICO HEALTHCARE.

The Quality Assurance Review Board is made of the following professionals of good repute:

  • Prof. David Ofori-Adjei : Chairman
  • Mr. Joseph A. Barnor : Advisor, Pharmaceuticals
  • Dr. H. A. Beecham : Advisor, Surgery
  • Matron Rebecca Essilfie : Advisor, Nursing
  • Mr. J. Ayikoi Otoo : Legal Advisor
  • Dr. Godfried Otoo : Rep. Dental Providers
  • Dr. Alla Edusa : Rep. Medical Providers
  • Dr. Ben Foleson : Health Consultant

Ex Officio Members
  • Mr. Daniel Aidoo Mensah : Actuary, Tristar

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