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GEMINI Top Up Scheme
The Gemini Top-up Scheme is supplementary to the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and covers benefits excluded under the NHIS minimum benefit package. The total maximum benefit per person per year is GH¢8, 000.00.
Our investigations reveal that most companies provide free medical services to their employees and eligible defendants as part of the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) and most of the excluded benefits under the NHIS are provided for by CBA.
However, there is a shortfall between the minimum benefits provided for under the NHIS and benefits under various CBAs. This shortfall in medical benefits has become a major challenge to organizations that want to access the NHIS. The Gemini Top-up Scheme is specifically designed to bridge the gap between the benefits received under corporate medical benefits (negotiated for under CBA) and the minimum benefits of the NHIS.

Benefits under the Gemini Top up Scheme:
a. Investigations
The scheme would generally pay for specialized investigations such as echocardiography, angiography, CT and MRI scans.

b. External Medical Appliances
Policy holders enjoy benefits such as prescription spectacles, orthopedic aids/prosthesis.
c. Treatment
The scheme generally pays for high cost treatment such as dialysis for renal failure, cancer treatment, brain surgery, heart surgery and HIV/AIDS treatments at Government treatment Centres.
d. Medicines
Drugs usually not covered under the NHIS is paid for under the Gemini top-up scheme.

  e. Hospital Accommodation
The top- up scheme provides payment of hospital accommodation (side ward/private ward) on daily bases.

How to access benefits under the GEMINI TOP UP SCHEME
  1. A policy holder is required to always present the NHIS ID Card at any accredited NHIS clinic/hospital on our list of service providers to receive medical attention.
  2. Where a service required is not covered by NHIS, a policy holder is required to present our Top-Up ID Card to receive that service.
  3. Drugs not covered by NHIS can be obtained from any of our accredited pharmacies with prescription(s).
  • The high costs involved with some of the health services covered under the scheme, may require that a deposit is made at the health care provider to ensure medical attention even where credit arrangements have been made.
  • Where upfront payment is required to obtain service, the scheme will make money available to pay for the required services.
  • Where a service is obtainable on appointment, the scheme will assist in making the appointment.
  • In all cases, members would be required to obtain written evidence of cost and submit same to Gemini Health Care offices in Accra or any of the 10 regional capitals.
How to sign on to the GEMINI TOP UP SCHEME Call/WhatsApp us on 020 2222 113 or send us an email to / and we will arrange cover for you to start the plan.