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GLICO Students Health Insurance

The GLICO Student Health Insurance Plan (G-SHIP) is a student health insurance program designed exclusively for the student health market to cater for their health needs whilst in school.

In today’s health care marketplace, colleges and universities need expert resources to select the right coverage for their students. GLICO Students Health Insurance Policy (G-SHIP) is health insurance designed exclusively for the student health market.

With benefits, materials and guidance targeted to the student population, and exceptional administrative support, G-SHIP allows schools to focus on what they do best – education. The program is for students groups in an identifiable institution.

What We Offer

  • Benefit Plan consultation
  • Customization of Student health Insurance Plan
  • Printed enrollment materials
  • Policy coordination and implementation

Doctors Know Us: - More than 80% of hospitals and health services providers nationwide accept G-SHIP through GLICO Healthcare Program.

Why Choose a G-SHIP Student health plan?
  • We Make Your Job Easier
  • Student health plans have some unique challenges that require experience and administrative services; we have these challenges covered as follows:
  • Student Health Center – We promote your student health center’s services and value by offering up to 100 percent coverage of eligible services.
  • Account Management - Dedicated client service
  • Customer Service – Full service units with a dedicated client relationship manager for your students. We assign a professional support team ready to address their questions.
The G-SHIP Network Advantage
  • Better network discounts means lower plan premiums
  • Network providers are available at school or away from school –More than 80% of all hospitals and health services providers nationwide accept G-SHIP card through the GLICO Healthcare Program

Technology and Tools for Student on the Go

More than ever, today’s students are online and mobile. We have the tools and resources that keep them in touch with their student health plan:

When students sign up for G-SHIP they get to use ‘THE HEALTH APP’ where students (enrollees) can access information such as service providers and their location, emergency hotlines and product details at any point in time. In using this HEALTH APP, it does not require internet access to function on any of the android devices (i.e. Mobile phone, tablets etc.). It can currently be downloaded from the GOOGLE PLAY STORE as (GLICO HEALTHCARE).

The G-SHIP also give students access to GLICO HEALTHCARE’s Client Portal which gives students (enrollees) easy access to check their utilization, benefits available and monitor bills sent to us from Service providers. This helps to avoid fraudulent billing from such providers. The use of this Portal requires the following steps:

  • Log onto GLICO HEALTHCARE’s website;
  • Login to the Portal by clicking on ‘CLIENT LOGIN’ button which can be found either beneath or above the web page.
  • The next page demands USERNAME and PASSWORD details. This will be provided to respective contact persons to be distributed to all students (enrollees). The passwords given out will automatically be recommended to be changed by each enrollee upon logging in.
With this, students will be able to;
  • Check the status of a claim
  • Review coverage information
  • Locate a doctor or hospital in the network
  • Sign up to receive emails and news letter
  • Request a replacement member ID card in case they lose their original
How to sign on to the GLICO HEALTH PLANS

Call/whatsApp us on 020 2222 113 or send us an email to / and we will arrange to come see your organization or association to start the plan.