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The Glico Corporate HealthPlan
The Glico Corporate HealthPlan has FIve (5) packages:  
  • Standard Package:
This package offers cover at a relatively low premium and provides both in-patient and out-patient care. Covered services include General Practitioner and Specialist Consultation, Prescription Drugs, Laboratory tests, X-rays, Dental Care, Eye Care and Optical, Surgical and Medical Treatment and In-hospital Treatment. An exclusive Benefit under the Glico Health plan is the Second (2nd) Medical Opinion benefit and The Health Seminars organized annually/biannually for staff.  
  • Enhanced Package:
The Enhanced Package, like the Standard Package, provides cover for both out-patient and in-patient care. Apart from the relatively higher annual benefit limits, this package covers ambulance service and herbal medicines in addition to all the benefits listed under the Standard Package.  
  • Enhanced Plus Package:
The Enhanced Plus Package combines first class service with customer comfort, and covers both out-patient and in-patient treatment. In addition to services covered under the Enhanced Package, it covers specialist dentistry (root canal treatment, periodontal treatment, and orthodontic treatment), speech therapy/audiology, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and chiropractic as well as the use of special health facilities like Nyaho Hospital, Trust Hospital, Medlab, among others.   
  • Ultimate  Package:
The Ultimate Package offers the highest annual benefit limits for both out-patient and in-patient treatment. It covers prosthetics in addition to all the services covered under the Enhanced Plus Package. Members may use any of the accredited special health facilities as Omni, Akai and Lister Hospital.  
  • Platinum & Platinum Plus
The Platinum and Platinum Plus Package has Outpatient and Inpatient benefit limits higher than the Ultimate Package. The area of coverage includes Africa, India and Europe. Members may access any service provider in Ghana, including Akai House, Lister Hospital, and beyond.