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Benefits organisations derive from our products
1. It offers flexibility:
The GLICO Health Plans are flexible and provide substantial health benefits to enable organization to:
  • Choose which benefits and limits to provide employees.
  • Predict the cost of healthcare more accurately when budgeting.
  • Cut down operating expenses and improve cash flow.
  • Customize packages to meet your needs and financial circumstances, upon request.
  • Include your existing healthcare service providers to our network of Service Providers.
  • Cut your health cost by up to 20-25 % when you enroll on our scheme (we have evidence to support this).
2. It offers maximum protection: It is important to note that obtaining a GLICO HEALTHPLAN is like owning a shield and this will definitely protect you and your employees in the event of uncertainties. You are also assured of absolute peace of mind. To access the benefits under our health schemes: Just select and register with a clinic/hospital from our Service Provider network.
  • You will be issued with a photo ID card for exclusive use
  • You do not need to make any payment at the point of service
  • Just present your membership card to your provider to  start receiving health services
  • In cases of hospitalization, you would need to notify GLICO HEALTHCARE within 48hours.
3. It caters for emergencies   Emergencies are critical situations that demand prompt attention. In medical emergency situations, clients are advised to visit the nearest participating clinic/hospital, whether the clinic/hospital is the selected clinic of the insured or not. Other health facilities or government hospitals may also be used when necessary.

In every insurance scheme, certain services are not generally covered. GLICO HealthPlan does not cover the following:
1. Any expenses incurred in connection with injury or illness directly caused or contributed to by war or invasion or whilst engaged or taking part in Military, Naval or Air Force Services operations
2. Cost incurred as a result of riot or civil commotion, revolution insurrection or Military or usurped power, nuclear or chemical contamination.
3. Any expenses for which the member has been or can be reimbursed from any form of insurance or any other source except in respect of an excess of expenditure beyond the amount recovered from such other source or the treatment to which he is entitled without charges.
4. Treatment not recommended or undertaken by registered medical practitioner, or undertaken in nature cure clinic, or health hydros, or traditional health clinic or similar establishment or hypnotist unless previously negotiated.
5. The fitting or provision of hearing aids, wigs, crowns, bridges, inlays, dentures, implants, orthodontics, and orthopedic appliances unless previously negotiated.
6. Treatment directly or indirectly arising from intentional self injury
7. Injury or illness resulting from alcoholism or illegal drug use or the use of drugs not medically prescribed.
8. Home nursing, Rehabilitation centers and Spas, charges for any stay in hospital or registered nursing home which is arranged wholly or partly for domestic reasons.
9. Any expenses arising out of a job related injury as far as they are payable under any form of insurance except in respect of any excess of claim beyond the amount so reimbursed.
10. Treatment for any illness or injury that originated before the insured was accepted for this insurance unless such illness or any related preceding condition was fully disclosed on the application form and accepted by the Organisation without any restrictions.
11. Claims in respect of invalid tonics and high energy drinks
12. Fertility tests, treatment of infertility e.g. prescribing of fertility drugs like Clomid and Artificial insemination. Medications for sexual and erectile dysfunction e.g Viagra, Cialis, Levitra.
13. Claims arising from cost of assisted reproduction.
14. Contraception including sterilization.
15. Termination of Pregnancy – Unless on medical grounds. (incomplete abortions and in cases deemed detrimental to the mother’s life).
16. Tooth brushes and pastes.
17. Medicated soaps, shampoos and lotions except for the treatment of skin diseases.
18. Toiletries preparations and cosmetics of all kinds.
19. Dietary Supplements, however, Vitamins and Vitamin/Mineral preparations are allowed for the following conditions:
  • Pregnancy
  • Reconvalescence
  • Stunted growth in children
  • In conditions caused by Avitaminosis, the following Vitamins may be prescribed:
  • Vit A, B- Group, Vit C, Vit D,  Vit E, Vit K and Multivitamin.
20. Any contingency arising whilst any member insured under this policy is outside the geographical limits of Ghana unless previously negotiated.
21. Periodic or routine medical examinations and screening outside what is provided by the terms of the policy.
22. Any prophylactic treatment, injections, inoculations or vaccinations unless previously negotiated.
23. Costs attributable to any illness or injury that is excluded from the benefits by the terms of the Policy.
24. Cosmetic procedures, Surgeries, Aesthetic treatments including but not limited to revision of scars.
25. Treatment available as free public healthcare services, Immunisations, HIV infection/AIDS, Treatment of Tuberculosis, Onchocerciasis, Buruli Ulcer, unless previously negotiated..
26. Treatment not recommended or undertaken by a GLICO HealthPlan Provider unless such treatment is obtained in true medical emergency or upon referral of a GLICO HealthPlan provider.
27. Any expenses incurred on feeding other than when on admission are not covered.

  In emergencies, what should I do?
In medical emergencies, clients are advised to visit any nearest participating clinic/hospital, whether the clinic/hospital is the selected clinic of the insured or not. Other health facilities or government hospitals may also be used when necessary.