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FAQ's | GLICO Healthcare
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)
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How do I contact the claims department?

Claims Officers can be reached +233 (0)20 020 3967/ (0)20 2222 126/ (0)26 562 7370

Should I find myself wanting in a particular GLICO HEALTHCARE accredited facility, what do I do?

There are hotlines just beneath the ID cards to call for immediate assistance.

What will I need for reimbursement?

Original supporting documents such as; a signed and stamped prescription, lab request forms, receipts for payments made, referral notes, etc.

A reimbursable claim is one that is accompanied by all the supporting documents, and resulted from treatment that is covered on your policy but was obtained either in a true medical emergency situation , out of area network or upon the referral of your primary provider. A copy of the referral note will be required.

How long does reimbursement of claims for take?

it takes a maximum of five (5) working days from the date of receipt for individuals and a maximum of thirty (30) days for Service Providers.

Should I find myself in an area/zone where there is no GLICO HEALTHCARE accredited facility, what should I do?

The nearest hospital could be used on a fee-for-service basis; after which necessary/supporting documents must be attached to a filled claim form for reimbursement. [The filled form should be given to your company’s human resource Manager/ representative for collection by a GLICO HEALTHCARE client service officer]

NOTE: Fee –for- service is only allowed in cases where service providers at point of service are not GLICO HEALTHCARE accredited. Reimbursement is not made to clients who access accredited providers and pay cash.

If I have hospital ‘A’ on my card and I find myself in hospital ‘B’, can I access service?

Yes, you can access service only in emergency situations and also when you are far from the chosen hospital (A) which is on your card.

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