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Claims Procedure
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)
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1. Claim Statement:
At GLICO HEALTHCARE, we are committed to ensuring that all claims, both individual and service provider are paid promptly within a maximum period of:

  • Five (5) working days for individuals
  • And thirty (30) days for Service Providers.

We have consulting doctors always available to vet claims assiduously with assistance from our very experienced claims officers.

Our doctors also offer one - on-one sessions to clients with special needs for medical counsel. The GLICO HEALTHCARE Claims department has dedicated personnel who attend to the needs of both service providers and individuals via day-to-day telephone conversations and visitation to provider premise for quarterly clinical audit with the help of the Technical and Complaint Settlement Committee.

2. Claim Submission by Service Providers:
Our numerous contracted Service Providers across the country are expected to fill claims at least every month for payment. When we receive claims from Hospitals, Clinics, Optical & dental Centres, Diagnostic Centers and Laboratories for payment, we go through the following process before final payment with thirty (30) days. The process for claims payment is as follows:

3. Claim Submission & Reimbursement for Individual
GLICO HEALTHCARE has a policy of reimbursing enrollees who make out of pocket payment at service Providers not accredited under the scheme. Reimbursement for out of pocket payments takes a maximum of five (5) working days provided all documentation is complete and valid. Policyholders are strongly advised to use accredited service providers for their healthcare needs.

For submission of claims, individuals must complete the below requirements before payments are made:

  • Fill a claim form (can be downloaded from website or obtained through a contact person)
  • Attach all supporting documents as:
  • Prescription forms, lab request forms, referral notes, (These should be signed and stamped by the attending doctor),
  • Original receipts should have a breakdown of served items
  • And any other documents necessary to support the claim
Period in which Claims can be made:
  • All refunds should be submitted to GLICO HEALTHCARE within three (3) months from the date of payment.
To make a claim, kindly contact us on phone/WhatsApp: +233 (0)20 020 3967/ (0)20 2222 126/ (0)26 562 7370, 020 2222 113, or send us a mail to guide you at: or

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